Last Smile via last-mile

Last Smile via last-mile

Last-mile logistics

Last-mile logistics which is the last leg of the supply chain has become a crucial part of business, especially for Logistics, e-commerce, and retail. In the omnichannel Dairy supply chain, transactions result in very large volumes of very small and repetitive orders – that have to be delivered directly to the consumers.

Last-mile logistics accounts for more than 65% of the total delivery cost. Adding to this., last-mile logistics acts as the only point-of-contact between the buyer and the seller. It completes the buying process and is the biggest contributor to customer satisfaction. Last-mile logistics plays a major role in operations w.r.t cost, time, and customer satisfaction. Economies of scale, finely tuned operational efficiencies and advanced technologies are the key factors that lead to success in Last-mile logistics.

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The local last-mile logistics issues

With the increase of start-ups that operate on time-bound delivery and with the increase in farm-fresh unprocessed milk delivery by the organic dairy brands; Dairies are focusing on clearing their last mile challenges. The challenges of Hyperlocal deliveries are as follows:

  • Small deliveries to many places causes complex routing problems.
  • Deliveries are time-bound and are restricted to time periods and certain routes.
  • Due to the dispersed customer location, it is difficult for the delivery guys to find the customer location

On a broader level., impact of inefficient Last-mile logistics leads to slow response rate, low customer satisfaction, inefficient service, low retention levels and therefore affects the overall profitability. With Last-mile logistics playing a crucial role in directly impacting productivity, revenues and customer experience dairies have to focus on using efficient delivery management softwares that help in increasing the work better.

Dairies operating their own logistics face some unique challenges as delivery guys operate in vast territories and their representatives are distributed in many different locations. The challenges these companies face include: Lack of real-time coordination effective technology application run sheet creation Admin work locating customer addresses visibility of field workforce handling Ad-hoc requests

To solve the above challenges, DailyNinja has emerged as a key strategic as well as tactical solution that solves these issues for the dairies. To give the customers the last smile through the last mile, it is important that the Dairies reach out to the customer quickly and efficiently. To drive the last-mile efficiently and to bring a smile to the customer, it is important that dairies digitize their day-to-day operations and data.

How DailyNinja is impacting Last-mile logistics?

Mobile, connected lifestyles will generally engender expectations about the ability to readily interact with all facets of work and personal life from a given connected device. This will be true for all constituents of IT, whether they are employees, consumers, business customers, or other external business relations. The effect will amplify over time as mobile-first generations join and influence the workforce.

DailyNinja helps in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations by helping organizations to schedule jobs, track execution and evaluate the performance, all in real time. Real time coordination with mobile workforce, task automation, constant job updates, tracking workers, identification of best worker to perform a task, reduction in manual work, analytical reports, smarter decision making are among few benefits that DailyNinja can give to the dairy.

Adding to it., mobile solutions are directly increasing the productivity and revenues of the organizations. With the automation of the processes & field workforce, the number of jobs per field workforce will increase and so the overall productivity and the revenues. Hence., DailyNinja acts as a game-changer for the dairies.

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