8 Reasons your business need an online presence

March, 2021

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8 Reasons your business need an online presence

8 Reasons your business need an online presence
Why it is important to take your business online?

Online Presence – Selling products doesn’t mean that selling the products to the consumers. Perhaps retail owners are facing many consequences while loading the products, transporting, stocking, and storing. In simple terms, from store to consumer’s hand, there are lots of processes that a consumer or viewer might not know.

The following are the common issues that every retail shop owner is currently facing.

  • StockLosses
  • Poor Sales
  • Poor Time Management
  • High Competition 
  • Man Power Consuming

And a lot more,

As a retail owner, you might have faced one of these problems listed above. 

If YES!!!!!!!!!

Then this blog will be helpful & give you an overall idea and better solution for your current problems.

Retail owners never give up, even though they face a lot of problems in their business.

Business owners are facing many challenges and difficult situations that turn into an economic depression. We cannot avoid these situations, but we can effectively solve them.

The problem starts to peek out when the products start to spoil” and to prevent from spoiling, we have to sell the products in one or another way.

Source Reference Taken From KPMG

According to KPMG analysis, the usage of online shopping got increased and a maximum number of customers prefer to buy their products online due to the COVID-19 impact.

Moreover, the KMPG report states that the preference for online buying models has nearly doubled since the COVID 19 crisis, while the preference for in-store purchases has drastically decreased.

To avoid the risk of contracting the virus, many are happy to move to the digital space for their purchases.

Here are some 8 reasons you should know that why your business needs an online presence.

Easy to start

The internet makes things easy and fast. A long ago there was a scenario that starting a business is tough and needs more resources. However, in the current era, you can start your business from your living room. 

The easy way to get fit and to differentiate yourself from the competitors is to build your online business in an effective way.

Building your online business gives you the freedom to make a profit from anywhere. Starting a business online in an alluring way is possible than ever, but most of us have the problem of starting.

Starting an online business will increase your profit and it creates a brand for your business. The main advantage of online business is that you don’t want to pay more, you can start your business with a minimum startup cost.

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation is incredibly important to any online business because it is developing and creating loyal customers. 

According to the statistics, loyal customers spend more time than new customers. 

Customer orientation is a key to most of the business. Many options like ChatBot, Comments, and Reviews allow you to understand the customer’s needs. Furthermore, many customers remain loyal to their favorite brands that they feel comfortable with and make them feel satisfied in their purchase. When you spend some valuable time in these terms, it will definitely reflect in your customer base.

Stock Management

Now, managing the stocks becomes easier, and keeping track of the products strategically possible with proper tools. Furthermore, many Inventory software is available to keep track of the products. The retail owners no longer need to worry about managing the stocks, because this software will take care of the stocks.

For instance, finding the product availability is easier when orders come in. Here, you can add, delete, and update the products. Much more options are available in the software. To know more about the inventory management software : Infoscalez


To start a physical store, you need to spend loads of money on its infrastructure, rent, electricity bills, and so on. However, while starting your online store, you need to spend the lower initial costs. Moreover, it reduces labor costs & other expenses including data entry, documentation, supervision, and much more. 

Multiple Payment Options

Customers always prefer a hassle-free checkout experience while purchasing the product. Here, you can enable different payment methods for your customer’s convenience.

Multiple Payment options will provide a better experience to the customer. It gives the customers to explore different options for their check-out. Furthermore, multiple payment methods provide a more seamless experience and increase online purchase orders.


The online shop will be available and showcase your store throughout the entire day. 

This enables your customers to order their products & services online anytime from any location. Moreover, your online store will be accessible to everyone for 24 hours, and it allows your user to order their products without interruption.

Multitasking & Repeat Purchase

The main advantage of online business is that you can handle as many customers at the same time and it is possible to do numerous transactions simultaneously.

Repeat Purchase creates an opportunity for your loyal customers to repeatedly buy your products. Apparently, you need loyal customers to run our business successfully. To create an effective customer base, you should provide them what they needed.

Visibility of your Business

Online store increases the sales and visibility of your products. Your online store will be visible to your customers at any time. Moreover, understanding your customer’s needs will increase your sales promptly.

The current scenario states that online presence is very important for your business to leverage further and offer a good service to your customers. 

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How coronavirus created a positive impact on shop vendors

Physical Store Vs Online Store


Coronavirus – This pandemic created an outbreak in everyone. Many businesses are facing an unexpected financial crisis, and the business people have felt that they got haunted in one or another way.

On the one hand, the world economy got shaken up, and the government is working on the pandemic loss and trying to boost the economy.

On the other hand, business people are rewriting their criteria to come out from the breakdowns and started to create new policies to improve their business. Many business people have taken this roadblock situation as an opportunity to take their firm higher.

Millions of businesses all around the world got stuck due to the pandemic situation. While some of the online firms like Amazon FreshZomatoHousejoy MartGrofersFlipkart SupermartSwiggyBigBasketInstamart started selling groceries and other products online.

They have built a platform instead of quitting the business.

We have to take these business people as a model and work to develop the business on the path of success.

There are many different issues that the small businesses people faced during the pandemic:

  • The products are not received appropriately from the manufacturer to the vendors, and this causes a problem in the supply chain, so the small business vendors faced problems in sending products directly to the customers.
  • Labour shortage creates a massive problem for the small vendors. The workers started to head back to their hometown during the pandemic.
  • Now, most of the workers are refusing to come back and work due to various personal reasons. However, without proper laborers, small vendors cannot move their offline business successfully.
  • Stocks like groceries, dairy products, and soft fruits ended up going bad and spoiled.

The pandemic is not yet over!

People are creating a new routine. However, the anxiety about the virus spread still occupied inside every one of us.

Customers already moved online. And this pandemic increased the rate of online purchasers. Most of the customers love to purchase online due to the enormous amount of options and the offers they provide to customers.

Another strong reason to use an online APP for purchases is that the customers will get their product at their doorstep without any interruption.

Is there any way to connect with the customer virtually?

Yes! There is a way.

This pandemic crisis connected the people with technology. Now, technology becomes a part of our life. Our store buddy or dairy buddy APPs allows you to promote your business online with an affordable budget.

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We will make a way to share your business online, and we create your platform to sell your products and services. Our APPS and services helped and productive during the pandemic for the retailers to get the orders online, and our services will help to fulfill your requirements on time.

Our company is a SaaS platform that allows you to manage your Billing, Orders, Deliveries, and Inventory. From the heart of the storehouse to the customer’s doorstep, we optimize your business with our technology, end-to-end solutions. In the upcoming days, small businesses are improving themselves to reach the next level.

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Author : Priyachitra