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How KITCH 'N' BEYOND utilized e-commerce to increase the profit online

Kitch 'n' Beyond shop is the e-commerce platform that sells various products online. They faced trouble in taking their products online and worried about the technical issues. For a startup, the cost is the main problem to deal with it. They know the business well, but they need people from the background to take their grocery business online and to manage the business efficiently.

To accomplish their issues, they using Store Buddy APP with InfoScalez and got the following advantages;

  • To handle the online business ahead with a fast and flexible e-commerce solution.
  • Unique features and unique promotional ideas with Android and ios applications.
  • Flexible and scalable applications with new functionalities for the number of users.
  • Flexibility for any number of online users.
  • User-friendly platform for users..
  • Automated delivery options and solutions for delivering products.
  • Capable to handle many products on one website.
  • Modes of payments with various payment options.

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