Who We Are

InfoScalez is a 4-year-old Tech Solutions Company. Started in 2015, we are a company with a motive to digitize the local Retailers, Grocery shops, Dairies, and Organic Stores.

InfoScalez team has experience from across industries such as Dairy, Grocery, E- commerce, Logistics, etc., which helps us to build industry-specific solutions for our clients. We assure you that we will provide exact solutions for all your problems.

InfoScalez is a technology solutions company that helps B2C Businesses to digitize business operations with our

robust SAAS solutions and helps our clients to grow faster by assisting with the industry knowledge and marketing and logistical expertise.

InfoScalez is a one-stop solution for all your technology, marketing, and logistics solutions. InfoScalez has industry-specific teams to help our clients, which designs solutions according to the precise requirement of the business.

InfoScalez provides solutions that can help you utilize the full potential of your available resources. So, you don’t have to worry about the business and can focus on your production and procurement. With an experienced team of professionals, InfoScalez assures flawless services around the clock.

InfoScalez solutions are one of the best and robust solutions and are the most cost- effective compared to the competition. With our SAAS (Software as a Service) model InfoScalez offers clarification at the very nominal initial investment and a lifetime best service guarantee. InfoScalez has created a reputation for being the most trustworthy partner in the growth stories of our clients and working firmly with 45+ Dairies and Grocery stores.

InfoScalez SAAS Software Core Features

Experience convenient micromanagement of each customer with our user friendly Mobile and web applications for Delivery and logistics. Get a solution for all the issues you face while managing your business.

Order management

Efficiently track and fulfill all your customer orders along with the maintenance of client data, location and user order and billing history

Inventory management

Manage your procurement, current stock and sales, with insights of required stock and projections of sales, and helps reduce wastages.

Billing Management

Keep track of all customer transactions, automated billing for the deliveries and payment collection solutions to maintain transparent accounting.

Delivery Management

Track your deliveries and errors on time to keep the customers satisfied. Also manage your routes and logistics to optimize full utilization of your available resources.

Client Benefits

Some key benefits of the technology solutions from Info Scalez which help our clients to optimize there business.

Automated Flow

Automated ordersheet generation, Delivery assignment, track of picking and packing. Error reporting. These features help to optimize time and resources required for the tasks and help improve the service quality of the business.

Customer Interaction

In app communication channels between the client and the business helps in development of customer relations. Increased cross-selling and upselling on the platform. These features help to promote products and services to the existing clients.

User friendly Interface

All the interfaces like the Customer Apps, Delivery Apps, the admin dashboards or the analytical reports are customized to suite the exact requirement and comfort of the user. This results in easy adaptation and maximized results.

Ready to use

The tried and tested platform helps to quick setup and customization so you don’t have to wait for a long development and testing process. The solutions are on ready to use as a service so there is nominal setup cost and you pay as you use.

Why Choose InfoScalez?

Some of our features that set us apart from our competitors are as follows.

Economical Solution

Info Scalez provide state of the art solutions at a nominal setup cost and usage cost. So you don’t have to pay hefty charges upfront to start experiencing the results. And the packages can Auto upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions as per your requirements.

Multiple Payment Gateways

At Info Scalez we offer multiple payment gateways at a time for the payment collection. Soyour customers can pay through any wallet card or payment method. Also you can utilize multiple Discounts and cashbacks offered by multiple payment gateways.

Industry Specific Experience

Info Scalez team consists of experts from various industries such as Dairy, Grocery, E-commerce, Consumer services, etc. This helps us to create industry specific solutions. And we can assure that Info Scalez will offer the relevant knowhow and insights for your business operations.

24X7 Support

We know how each minute is important in the logistical operations. Thus we are always available with all kind of support you require while utilizing the services. You don’t have to wait for the next day morning or next working day to resolve an issue. Info Scalez is active 24X7.


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