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How FAT COW DAIRY turned their Business Online

FAT COW DAIRY is the farm that has grown hugely from offline services to online services. Everyone aware of the troubles facing the customers, and taking the business offline is tricky and hard to expand the business.  As a startup, they realized that they need to come up with new products, and they struggled to expose to the customers. Perhaps, paying the laborers to the startup is challenging.

To accomplish their issues, they using Dairy Buddy APP with InfoScalez and got the following advantages;

  • They gradually lifted the Dairy business through online and delivered the product to the customers.
  • Reduced labor costs and time saved.
  • Facing any problems in accessing the Admin Panel, raise the ticket from your
  • Admin Panel account, and get experts advice.
  • Get your stock and inventory details.
  • Send notifications to the customer to remind you about the essential newfeatures.
  • Get the present order details and assign a delivery boy for the new customers.
  • Track your delivery boy information and updates.
  • The App fulfilled customer requirements.
  • Easy promotions and marketing with inbuilt APP to develop their business online
  • Professional to fix their bugs.